Roof Trusses

One of the most reliable ways to build more economical, dependable homes is to frame roofs with custom wood trusses. Everyone can appreciate an increase in production and efficiency. Enjoy the added benefit of installing complicated roof systems in a shorter period of time, with less laborers on the job site.

Some of the many benefits of using roof trusses vs. conventional stick framing are:

Trusses Are Custom Designed & Built For Your Project

Much like our wall panels, our roof trusses are professionally engineered to meet your exact specifications. From common everyday roof trusses to complicated ceiling and roof profiles, our expert staff design your project to meet your specific loading and design requirements. Our team works hard to make sure that all of the variables of your project are considered. Our roof trusses are designed to support even the most complex framing systems.

Guaranteed Quality & Precision Performance

Using computer controlled saws and precision truss jigs we can guarantee the accuracy and reliability of our truss products. Our expert designers use our powerful software to design trusses to handle any load requirements put before them. Our designs are focused on meeting all local and national building code requirements and giving the builder the peace of mind that even the most complicated roof projects can be completed in a fraction of the time.

What is The Possible Increase In Production?

The Wood Truss Council of America (WTCA) conducted an experiment called Framing The American Dream™ in which they built two identical homes - one using conventional framing methods and the other using components such as wall panels and roof trusses. The end result: It took approximately 40% less time to frame the roof with trusses than with conventional framing methods and saved about 16% in combined material and labor costs.

Save Money by Using Components

Roof trusses don't contribute as much to job site waste as conventional framing does. Builders are left with smaller clean-up costs and can save on waste removal. Trusses are usually delivered to the jobsite only when customers are ready to use them. This greatly reduces the chances of damage caused by weather or vandalism and eliminates the possibility of material theft.