Wall Panels

One of the products offered to our customers has revolutionized the building industry: panelized wall systems. You can be assured that you are getting the best value for your dollar using Gold Standard Truss' Wall Panel Systems. Some of the many benefits of using panelized wall systems vs. conventional stick framing are:

Using Wall Panels reduces labor and framing cost through consistent planning.

Wall panels go through detailed design work up front, so the walls match the layouts and reduce framing time. With stick framing, framers often make decisions in the field about moving walls without having information on cabinet and bathroom layouts.

Each component is individually designed for its purpose in the house, which allows for a much more accurate framing schedule. It also allows for labor savings and a much quicker installation schedule.

Only the required materials are purchased when using wall panels. There is not any lumber thrown aside and wasted by the workers. A problem of stick framing is misused/miscut lumber, resulting in unnecessary purchases.

It is easier to project the materials and cost with panels,  therefore easier to have actual framing cost meet the budget than with stick framing.

As a result of a cleaner job site from using wall panels, there is less refuse, therefore lower dumpster fees. In addition, a cleaner job site means less labor to clean up the job site later.

Structures framed with wall panels are stronger with less lumber and they provide greater accuracy.

Our expert staff design the wall panels, which allows for optimized designs and better performance than stick framing provides. And, since the expertise is applied in the design process, it does not take an engineer on the job site to frame the house.

Due to the precision cuts of factory-built panels, you get components that fit together perfectly and walls that are square every time, even if floors are uneven on the job site. Components cut on the job site are often cut at incorrect angles or wrong lengths and do not fit together snugly, which could affect the integrity of the structure.

Because of the factory process, there is better quality control in building wall panels than there is with stick framing. The punch list for stick framing is long, and if errors are made, takes longer to correct.

Sheathing can be applied to factory-built wall panels, which saves time at the job site.

Wall panels provide stronger connections because the correct nails and fasteners are used. Often on stick framing job sites, framers use whatever nails are available.

As a result of more precise construction and tighter joints of wall panels, there is less settling in doorway and windows and fewer sheetrock cracks. With stick framing, wall, floors, door openings, and window openings are frequently out of square. As a result, the other building materials, such as sheet rock, windows, and doors do not fit.

Other key factors in reducing framing cost:

There is less pilferage when using wall panels. Loose lumber on  a stick framing job site is easily stolen.

Shorter construction loan cost; faster closings; quicker profits.

Wall panels provide a cleaner job site, which results in a safer workplace for framers.  There is no loose lumber lying on the ground, and there are no nails on the ground or sticking out of lumber.

A cleaner job site means a cleaner site for the homeowner.